Terminator, TPB, original painting
This picture is trademarked (® or TM) and copyrighted (©) 2002 by Paul Gulacy.

     The Terminator franchise, since its birth in 1984, has gone on to be one of the highest rated and most popular science fiction franchises of all time.
     There have been 4 movies with talks of fifth, either a continuation or a reboot in the works.
     The franchise has also branched out with a TV series, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and many comic books, novels and MMO games. An MMO game of "Terminator Salvation", the last movie, is probably the most well known but there have been other games through out the years. The potential is always there that the next Terminator game could be one of the most epic MMO games of all time but only the fans can determine that determining factor needed to make that happen.

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